DEBAT: Preserving our green spaces

Christine Lyotier, Viggo Rothes Vej 3, Charlottenlund

Living with my family in Charlottenlund, close to the botanical garden, I feel concerned about what is planned in this area for the coming years. This garden is beautiful, peaceful, an oasis of calm, it would definitely be a shame not to protect it!

One of the reason I enjoy most living here are all those green spaces we come across so easily: we are close to nature anytime, we can have a stroll back from work, let the children play, discover natural life, etc.

We just feel good, stress-free and I think it is why so many foreigners choose to settle in the Gentofte area even if we can feel those effects of proximity with nature almost anywhere in Denmark, even in the capital area.

So many countries, and above all so many big cities, where most of us come from, have no longer enough green public spaces, people have forgotten what it is like to appreciate the true value of a simple walk in a park....

When arriving in Denmark, we just discover it all, and we enjoy it so much! We are amazed with all those areas of freedom where anyone can go, anytime.

We are pleasantly surprised by the way the urban areas are able to preserve the open spaces, and to maintain park and gardens so well.

It would be such a pity if Copenhagen, Gentofte, and the whole Denmark was on its way to forget this, willing to look like any other places in the world. Please learn from the mistakes of big cities around the world which now try desperately to reinstall green areas after decades without thinking a minute about preserving the environment.

Don't sacrifice the wellness of the population on the altar of greed.

At that very moment when we talk about ecology, green preservation, we'd rather think about keeping unspoiled parks, gardens, woods, and so on.

There must be another way, another location to develop housing without starting building up in a spot that should go back to nature, where it belonged.

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Publiceret 11 July 2018 13:30